Sunday, January 24, 2010


A demonstration of Repeat Communication carried out 24 January 2010 for Poets Theater.


1. For this exercise, you and your partner (of choice) will read stanzas (or lines, depending on the length of the poem/participants' preferences) back and forth to one another.
2. Repeat one stanza (or line) back and forth until an audience member buys one or both you and your partner a round of drinks.
3. If one person gets a drink, that person may move on to the next stanza/line, but the other must wait to move on until you/s/he gets a drink.
4. Participants in the piece may choose to get your selves drinks as is appropriate, and may progress onto the next stanzas/lines in this fashion.
5. I recommend using a favorite poem that you or your partner longs to share with the other.
6. The game has ended when at least one participant has finished reading the poem, or when neither participant is able to go on for the following reasons:
A. One or both participants becomes too inebriated to continue.
B. One or both participants run out of drinks and/or money for drinks.
C. Boredom.
7. Though not a disqualifying issue, breakdown of communication may become inevitable.