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To The Current Transient/Resident (and/or other reader/recipient):

I am excited to introduce the pre-proposal of a new design studio project, DESERT+REBAR. Initially and conceptually on a larger scale, DESERT+REBAR will address housing, and living arrangements for the near-present post-capitalist economy...  Beyond what artist grants and/or nonprofit housing subsidies offer, I believe there is a real and growing need for a different kind of studio practice that encompasses a range of practices that remain suspended between unrealized dream and pragmatic application. 

At this time, I am seeking support to launch and sustain DESERT+REBAR--with commitment to support the project--fiscally and at this phase--as it exists as a concept firm...

Sincerely Yours,
Katrina Lamb

p.s. I long to see some of these projects actualized in the near future.. in a way that moves through the page; into an architecture inclusive of and beyond that of the collective unconscious...beyond the foundation of quasi-completed dreams. Does that make sense?

land grant proposal

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Psychic Healing: Chapter IX (overcoming emotional bankruptcy--quasi social reading intended for singular readership--that of the author herself).

1999 eclipses with a taxing 1099--the costly aftermath vis a vis morgan stanley jones standing in the headlights; s/he's stuck in that triangle of a antithetically frigid bikini boutique.. the kind of tourist destination that supplants ecotourism with something too surreal to capture in better language than credit card statements and the kind of bitterness that prevents the threat of premature return.
Eclipse=1099, and other evidence of success, or lack thereof.
Note: Eclipse # derived from following correlate poetic equation:

Primary source correlates:
----->Address--->tax form--->year---->

Method for generating your personal answer key=Associative memory exercise for use as chapter in the forthcoming book Psychic Healing For Artists, Radicals, Failures, And Others.


1. Alternating between looking at your material archive (photos, books, old journals, records of accomplishments, your creative and career affects) and inner processing--thinking through ideas and memories. poetic strategy for accessing parts of your past that are otherwise too difficult to think about.. Think about the difference in the way this kind of conspiratorial, mystery-type narrative presents your past to you v. the other kinds of narrative that hold your personal history together.. your story as you have re-told it to yourself over time and how that is formed.

2. Organize collection of file folders--Yours may or may not have anything in them; please handle this collection gently. Please note your choices as you re-organize and regret unintended loss.

3. Share the results of your work with a friend or something; consider the way that this exercise has impacted your level of comfort around communication. Reference material: disclaimer in LURE Communications subset of the Antannae Publications pamphlet and manuscript pre-publishing division..

4. Cancel therapy appointment to practice psychosomatic healing exercises--check local listings for low-income, sliding scale, or program covered by your insurance... Do not mention anything that you shouldn't. Which is to say--don't not mention this series. Make sure to bring a copy of your personally generated library.

5. Schedule podcast and PODS urban discharge unit for 1 year from the last time you did something without realizing that your therapist's advice might have resulted in something better than this if you followed it with more or less procrastination.

6. Try to remember where you put your day planner.

7. See Disclaimer, below.

DISCLAIMER: This exercise is in no way intended for consideration as having anything to do with therapy or professional use of any kind. That said, I do hope to challenge you as a reader to consider the benefits and reasons to seek help from a professional within the mental health medical model--however that looks in your life, or whatever. I wish to find a place within academia where I can work on projects like this--to find institutional support in a place where I will be surrounded by intellectuals that find me to be too stupid to bother with and are sort of casual about their myriad transgressions--pursuing work that crosses every boundary possible without ever even crossing the street. Needless to say, there will be some sort of hooker service & all night delivery for the inevitable stretches of attempted shift to something that might mean something to someone else and/or result in getting everything that you just realized wasn't just belated--but forclosed upon as of now and again.

P.S. Thanks to the roads, rhodes, and rhoades for the roses and their decay.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drivers Riders Drifters and Dreamers

Drivers Riders Drifters and Dreamers: Notes on the Contemporary Creative Economy

Over the months back in MN, I have been able to get back to doing less and being broke--racing toward zero in an effort to reach a Homer or Turner- esque glimpse of the sublime... you know. that tiny irridescent bit of something transcendental that tears through monotonous expanse of no-where freeways, interchange highways, shuffling corridors of big-box stores, towns that become less to do with place than to do with a certain absence of a "here" that any expectant nostalgia can catch a hold of.. past zero, vehicle becomes that of a pedestrian- long walks--lines through space the length between moments of obligation, promise, or respite.

Within the pedestrian moment, here is the place where it's finally possible to backtrack into the archives of memory and its affects, stored in the unresolved--if not abandoned--room at my folks house.. The room where I can be found most days and nights, in a way that mirrors the kind of allocation of abandonment as something inof itself...something that has less to do with neglect than attention turned inward.. into the immutable language of dream... a language that is primary and requisite to the working economy that supported the kind of creative work at the core of my studio practice.

What is the place of the following concerns in a creative economy that relies upon upholding a sense of individualism whilst cultivating bodies of work over expanses of time and in patterns that reflect repetition that cannot be unique in any singular sense.

-intellectual ownership
-copyright protection
-collective or collaborative efforts
-an individual's or group--whether named post-facto by 3rd party writers or while in process--impermanence or longevity re. a historical narrative.
-patent process
-invention v. art
-appraisal of work within or after one's lifetime (monetary, social, educational, or other value).
-relevance of work to persons beyond one's immediate milieu.
-communication within and through the byways and exchanges of workers in an economic borderland without walls and signage.

conversation initiated from the passenger window=opacity, memory, liminal entrance points.

See images--from 2007 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Exhibition Collective Foundation project Collective ICA--a software app and project exhibited and available for download.

Thursday, April 5, 2012