Wednesday, April 25, 2012


To The Current Transient/Resident (and/or other reader/recipient):

I am excited to introduce the pre-proposal of a new design studio project, DESERT+REBAR. Initially and conceptually on a larger scale, DESERT+REBAR will address housing, and living arrangements for the near-present post-capitalist economy...  Beyond what artist grants and/or nonprofit housing subsidies offer, I believe there is a real and growing need for a different kind of studio practice that encompasses a range of practices that remain suspended between unrealized dream and pragmatic application. 

At this time, I am seeking support to launch and sustain DESERT+REBAR--with commitment to support the project--fiscally and at this phase--as it exists as a concept firm...

Sincerely Yours,
Katrina Lamb

p.s. I long to see some of these projects actualized in the near future.. in a way that moves through the page; into an architecture inclusive of and beyond that of the collective unconscious...beyond the foundation of quasi-completed dreams. Does that make sense?