Saturday, September 11, 2010

excerpt from Code Names: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World

"Able Condor, Action Express, Active Improvement, Adventure Express, Air Warrior, Allied Response, Amber Star, Anvil Ghost, Arabian Gauntlet, ARRcade Fusion, Arcade series, Ardent Ground, Argonaut, Artificer, Artful Image, Artful Issue, ASCIET, Asterix, Atlantic Drive, Atomic Music Principle, Auburn Endeavor, Aurora, Avid Recovery, Baltic Series, Baltlink, Baltops, Barracuda, Bartisan Hinge, Bass Rock, Battle Griffin, Beady Eye, Bell Buoy, Big Red, Black Hat, Blue Flag, Blue Harrier, Blue Hungwe, Blue Tiger, Boron Mercury, Bowline, Brave Heart, Bright Horizon, Bright Star, Brilliant Foil, Britannia Way, Bullseye, Burmese Chase, Burning Bush, Buzard, Cajun Combat, Cape Petrel, Carpathian Exchange, Central Enterprise, Centrasbat, Chalet, Churinga, Circuit Mayflower, Classic Owl, Clean Hunter, Cobb Ring, Combined Endeavor, Condor, Conifer, Constant Harmony, Cooperative series, Cope Thunder, Coronet East, Coronet Nova, Coronet Regatta, Coronet Yankee, Cossack Express, Cossack Steppe, Counter Guard, Courageous Bat, Crab Apple, Cross Check, Cross Ski, Cygnet series, Datex, Delphin, Desert series, Destined Glory, Devil’s Hat, Diagonal Glance, Diamond Cutter, Dimming Sun, Distant Frontier, Distant Thunder, Dogfish, Dogue Akdeniz, Druid’s Dance, Dynamic series, Eager Sentry, Early Victor, Eastern Sailor, ECHELON, Elder Forest, Entgrou, European Mountaineer, Excalibur, Extract, Falcon Sound, Final Nail, Fincastle, Fingel, Fingel’s Cave, Flying Fish, Flying Rhinot, Frisian Flag, Full Moon, Gardenia, Gaulish, GI Joe, Giant, Glacial Enigma, Global series, Glow Worm, Gobi Dust, Golden Sands, Granby, Grand Prix, Green Flag, Griffin, GULFLEX, Hairspring, Hard Flint, Have Eagle, High Court, Himalayan Bluebell, IADS ADEX, Ince, Infinite Courage, Initial Link, Interpret, Iron series, Island Spell, Istar, Jackel Cave, Jagged Course, Joint Winter, Jolly Roger, RTFEX, Jumbo, Juniper Cobra, Kangaroo, Kelp, Kingfisher, Lark Song, Linked Seas, Lion Sun, Lin’s Pride, Lone Eagle, Lone Kestrel, Lone Star, Long Look, Looking Glass, Lucky Sentinel, Mace, Magic Carpet, Magic Roundabout, Magestran, Majestic Eagle, Mallet Blow, Maple Flag, Maple Tour, MARGOT, MCOP, Med Shark, MEDFLAG, Medicine Man, Mercury, Mono Prix, Moon Penny, Mothia, Mulberry Tree, Mystic Star, Native Trail, Neo Tapon, Neon, Neop Spark, Neptune’s series, Nightjar, Northern Light, Northern Lights, Northern Watch, Oak Apple, Odette, Oracle, Orient Express, Pacific Kukri, Pacific Protector, Panther Cub, Peaceshield, Pet Worth, Pine Apple, Pinemartin, Pitch Black, Pond Jump West, Power Drive, Prairie Warrior, Principal, Premier Link, Prominent Hammer, Provide Hope, Ptarmigan, Purple Star, Purple Strik,e, Quick Lift, Quick Stand, Red Stripe, Raynard Chase, Rhino, RIMPAC, Rock Work, Rocky Lance, Rolling Deep, Roving Sands, Royal Patrol, Rutley, Saffron Sands, Saif Sereea, Sailfish, Sandy Coast, Sanso, Scope Sand, Sea Series, Senator, Sensor Pacer, Shant Doot, SHAREM, Sharp Point, Silver Weed Ruckus, SIT, Slovak Express, Snipe, Snow Falcon, Snow Shoe, Snow Drop, Soothsayer, Sorbet Royale, Southern Crusade, Southern Knight, Southern Watch, Spriochaete, Spontex, Stardex, Starfish, Starwindow, Steeplebush, Stoney Run, Strong Resolve, Suman Warrior, Suriot, Swabian Crusade, Sweeney, TAPON, Tartan Eagle, Tartan Venture, Telic, Temple Jade, Thirsty Panther, Thor/Odin, Tier III, Tiger Lake, Timbuktu, Torpedo Focus, Totaliser, Tradewinds, Trailblazer, Trial, Trident D’Or, Troutman, Turtle Heritage, Turtle Truss, Tyne Tease, Ulan Eagle, Ultrapure, Ulu Rajah, Unified Charger, Unified Spirit, United Shield, Urban Encounter, Ursa Minor, Utah, Vampire, Vigilant, Viking, Warlord, Western Vortex, Westpac MCMEX, Wet Gap, Winged Star."

-Text excerpt from
Code Names: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs, and Operations in the 9/11 World by William M. Arkin, p. 234.
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