Sunday, May 27, 2012

time zones and the new north

Above image: Gum Works by Jean Klimack, 2008.

Transient and locked into a space of joblessness between untenable options and career goals, I have had--if nothing else--the luxury of time. Hours and days have varied with the malleable organizational allotment of this resource--a consequence and/or reward that I have little or no control over. Diminishing returns necessitate a sort of scheduling ability on my part that seems to promise me plenty of opportunities to continue a post-studio practice built around an economy of dreams and materials that have more to do with residue than representation.

How does one move on, if dream is the destination?

The Canadian artist Jean Klimack is among my SFAI peers whose work continues to offer inspiration in a way that necessitates a kind of attachment to a time and place that I want to be farther from than loss of memory could ever reach.