Thursday, December 29, 2011

fever dreams and wakeful sleep

Never mind houseplants and disposable income.. . along with other indispensables, maps are so passe, thanks to any number of bad art projects (see portfolio for starters).. never mind getting lost without a 2-way GPS system and the relation of text to geography. The poetry of memory has no place in a land grant summary of finding your way home and figuring that's probably enough til you can get organized enough to print maps en route to the next interview.. most likely missed that one too many times to re-apply... ever.

Passe or potential?
-narrative art+writing
-video art
-theories re. games & play
-craft in the contemporary world
-gender, race, and class
-critiques around academic pedagogy (anthropology, anyone).
-virtual reality
-the internet
-sci fi and fantasy; aesthetics of/supporting.
-liminal and "post-" rhetorical studies